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To The Parting Year: 2021

"I want you to kiss me for one final time and fall asleep."

Before you go, I want to kiss you one final time.

It was never enough with you — the touch, the pinching, the walk, the unruly hair.

You were my year of 'Lost and Found'.

I lost a friend, a faith, and a never-ending conversation.

I found a love that's constantly keeping me awake.

Just like any other year, you will take away your days with you

but leave me alone with memories, the pain, the love, the guilt, the unfinished possibilities.

You leave me walking alone into a new year that I know nothing about.

You leave me with tenderness and a restful night.

While I will miss you when you end, I want to get over you,

And find new love, a new touch, and a new hand to hold.

I want you to gently fall asleep in my memories

And leave me with the newness of my heart to sing, to fight, to dance, to heal.

I want you to kiss me for one final time and fall asleep.

This work belongs to #Dart2121 exhibition. From the 23rd of November 2021 to the 6th of February 2022, Milan - Dart Museum - Permanente di Milano - @wrongtheorynft @dartmilano
Art: Nate Hill


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