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Tuesday Lecture On A Dying Planet

Our lives feel fulfilling to continue overconsuming for the beauty so flimsy, a life so fragile.

Artwork —'Where We Are Heading' by Mir Suhail

He spoke of the drowning world, rising sea levels,

submerging of island nations, extinction of indigenous peoples,

and some of the most beautiful creatures in the sea, air, and on earth.

He told that the court won't decree to put an end to carbon emissions.

Governments and corporations will not stop being greedy.

People will be exploited for the economic prosperity of a few —

Like Dinosaurs, many lives will be erased for the common good.

Not wildfires, but we will burn our breathing hearts — our jungles.

We need timbers to build houses and decorations — only to leave our blue planet to suffocate.

Rich need penthouses, Tesla, Cotton-Linen shirts produced by Uyghurs Muslims stored in concentration camps like a sack of dry grass in China,

Diamond rings for our wedding by minor children working in mines with their little fingers in India and Africa.

Artwork —'Thanks Taken' by Mir Suhail

We need to kill snakes for belts, shoes, and jackets and whales for lipsticks.

Our tounges feel aroused to taste dark chocolates produced by exploiting indigenous peoples and children.

Our lives feel fulfilling to continue overconsuming for the beauty so flimsy, a life so fragile.

We will keep digging oil wells on land and in seas.

We will flesh out all the Turkey piece by piece and celebrate 'thanksgiving'.

We will continue to drill the heart of mountains and valleys, build dams on rivers, hole a tunnel, reclaim the sea, and become an economic superpower.

He said that coca-cola will take away all our water.

And we will drink not water but soft drinks.

Trees will continue to give until the last of them is still allowed to breathe in the poison we release and what kills the world.

Politicians will speak of pragmatism and huge gathering with green lights and people in suits arriving in private jets will be organized.

Climate refugees will be confused with sheer nationalism.

And we will be told that climate migrants are taking our jobs, occupying our land, and are criminals. They tell us — migrants look ugly and are brown and blacks, Africans and Asians, and Muslims, Syrians, Afghans, and Palestinians.

Wars will not be fought with bombs, jets, and tanks.

Carbon emissions will be enough to erase a country.

And garbage of rich nations will continue to be dumped in poor countries.

Artwork by Mir Suhail

Fascists and neo-liberals will kill us with the same weapon — only with a different taste.

Corporations will talk of the glory of free markets and choices.

Politicians will call themselves leaders and our saviours, and will build their escape planes to flee when they have killed the Earth and done their job.

In the lecture, he spoke of radical threats, ideas, and hope without being in hurry,

without frustration, without being chaotic, without causing anxiety.

While the world seems to be on the deathbed,

and he described how we are complicit in a slow and regular murder of the very planet we inhabit;

There was comfort, patience, pause, slowness, and restfulness in his voice

and with a reassuring promise and with the convenience of hope that people will fight back.


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