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 About Pius 

Hi! I am Pius Fozan — I appreciate the certain slowness of life. I am passionate about capturing the essence of social movements and political dynamics. My work involves documenting queer protest movements and far-right politics.


I am based in Vienna, pursuing my Master's degree in Public Policy at Central European University and the Brandt School, Germany. I recently wrote my master's thesis on far-right populist rhetoric and violence against minorities in India. I study the transformation of once political pariahs into perceived messiahs without legitimizing them. It's an absorbing journey to understand how communication plays a role in this transformation and why people are choosing them around the world.


This platform is dedicated to sharing my experiences, insights, and visual narratives. It's a space where I delve into the heart of contemporary social issues, offering a unique perspective that challenges conventional narratives and speaks to underrepresented voices.


I welcome you to write to me, share your experiences, and provide feedback.


 Questions? Ideas? 

Write to Pius

Hey There! I'm Pius. I write and take photos for the sake of love, freedom and creation. What can I offer you?

Thank You for Connecting!

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