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Dr. Benson Needs Urgent Response

Dr. David Benson wrote to me

He is an auditor in a bank

He discovered an abandoned account

Which he believes belongs to a billionaire relative of mine

Dr. Benson is from Burkina Faso

It's a landlocked country in West Africa

My billionaire relative was from Burkina Faso

I am from India

I checked with my parents

Did the British enslave one of my ancestors

And transported to Burkina Faso?

I asked ChatGPT who colonized Burkina Faso

It was a French colony until 1960

Did the French and British conspire to enslave my ancestors?

I asked ChatGPT again

Just the way I've been asking it thesis questions

It says the French and British were into the transatlantic slave trade

I'm writing to Dr. Benson who needs an urgent response

I am giving him my details: name, sex, passport number, marital status, and bank account details

I want to get all the ten million five hundred thousand dollars

That my billionaire relative left for me who lived 8,555 kilometers away

He was a billionaire without a team of lawyers to write his will

And heirs to take over his empire

Dr. Benson is an honest man

He wants to do right in a world everyone craves money

He wrote me an email that went to spam

And he needs an urgent response.


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