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She Has Come to My City

She has come to my city and I have returned too.

She says she is busy and far. I insist. She says she can't travel, she is not safe.

I listen. I accept.

I wait and I lose faith. The time doesn't care and neither does she.

But one day, she texts and asks to see. The inner self is uneasy to meet her and yet I resist.

I resist because I don't know if she truly wants to see or

she is tired of seeing who she has been with for months.

I resist and ask why the long wait!

She, then, talks of how I ignored and didn't approach.

Did she want me to approach?

Did I not understand her?

She never was clear as the climate change is now.

I'm not sure if she has a bit of truth and yet I want to believe.

But I do resist because I hate her enough.


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