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are you at democracy's frontline?

demorcray is in peril worldwide

what are you doing about it?

Hi Pius!



I am Pius Fozan — I am many things — a lazy romantic who dreams of living a slow life in the countryside and also, a passionate storyteller (or wannabe). 


Currently based in Vienna, I'm pursuing my master's degree in Public Policy at Central European University and Brandt School, Germany


My focus? Conflict studies and socioeconomic development. I recently wrote my master's thesis on far-right populist rhetoric, exploring its impact on minorities in India. I find myself deeply intrigued by the transformation of once political pariahs into perceived messiahs. I want to study them without legitimizing them. It's a fascinating journey to understand how communication plays a role in this transformation and why people are choosing them around the world.


Outside the academic world, I love photography. I aspire to use this art form to translate observations into compelling narratives that complement my written work. It's a skill I'm still mastering  with a child's curiosity and desire.


Plants and cats? They have my heart 🌿💛😺


As I attempt to live a lazy life, I invite you to join me on this journey  explore a touch of everyday magic, weave stories through images, and celebrate the simple joys that make life truly extraordinary :)

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