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What does a Bazaar look like? The Doranda Bazaar in the capital city — Ranchi of India's most improvised state — Jharkhand is the story of unceasing struggle, exploitation and hopes for the future, that one day, the future will be kinder to them.

I took these photographs during my visit to India. The Bazaar was set for festivals, especially for the Chhath Pooja — when (mostly) women worship the evening and the Rising Sun. Usually, festivals bring increased sales and income to small shopkeeps, but this is changing now. Big supermarkets sell the same products that generally small shopkeeps, and vendors used to sell like items used for Chhath worship, garlands, etc.

** All photographs were taken with the explicit consent of the subjects. Please refer to the privacy policy on my website for information regarding the data and use of these images.

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